Beautiful code that doesn’t solve a problem is useless.

Sometimes us developers can lose track of the fact that our code is just a means to an end. The purpose of your code is to solve a real world problem for an actual human being.

If you are writing a control system for the flaps on an airplane wing learning UX design might be overkill. Since most of you are building mobile or web apps learning the basics of UX design is a must.

So how do you get started? Luckely the folks from Udacity teamed up with Google to roduce a course on UX Design for Mobile Developers that is worth checking out.

If you don’t have the time or resources for that course Google has released a series of videos called User Experience Design for Developers. I have included all the videos from that series below.

So sit back, make some popcorn and get ready for a UX marathon.

What is UX?

Before you delve into the details lets take a step back and make sure we all agree on what UX really is.

What is Lean UX?

This episode introduces you to the Lean UX process, and why this is important in order to create products that real people will actually use.

Find out:

  • What lean UX is
  • Unpacking assumptions
  • Minimum Viable Products
  • A/B testing
  • and much more

LeanUX Measurement – Qualitative and Quantitative

What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative measurement and when should you use either or both? Laura Klein author of UX for Lean Startups
explains how and when to use these methods to create products your user will love.

What is UX research?

What is user research and why is it important?

What is User Context and Why Does it Matter?

How do people use their devices and what do they expect from them?

This episode distills user research data to answer these questions. It also takes a look how context changes these expectations. All backed up by a new multi screen world study.

Three Steps To Awesome – Avoid Machine Narcissism

This 3 part series looks at 3 common pitfalls. First up we learn how to avoid machine narcissism.

Three Steps To Awesome – Play Well With Others

Next we learn how to play well with others.

Three Steps To Awesome – Avoid Cowboy Design

Lastly we learn how to avoid cowboy design.

Lean UX – What are metrics?

What makes a good metric?

You will learn how to create good metrics that are actionable, and allow you to change your behavior to create better products.

How to capture your user’s attention part 1 – Visual Attention

Hey you!

Pay attention!

This episode covers how to capture your user’s attention to create compelling user experiences, by looking at how human attention works (specifically visual attention).

How to capture your user’s attention part 2 – Human Memory

Learn how you can use the way human memory works to capture your users attention.

It’s all about location, Part 1/3 Design for the human hand

Learn how to create awesome location-based smartphone apps for users on-the-go. This is the first episode of a 3 part series, which is all about taking the human hand, and single-handed navigation into account in order to deliver delight.

It’s all about location, Part 2/3 Design for attentional capture

Distractions, distractions.

Discover how to managing your user’s attention in order to create glance-able and easy to consume information for users on-the-go.

It’s all about location, Part 3/3 Design for the real world

Learn how to manage connectivity and battery life. This is less relevant to web apps but it’s still worth bearing in mind.


While there is a lot of information in those videos it is worth the time and effort to get a grasp on this. In the highly competitive startup space being aware of these concepts are a big advantage when looking to get hired.

If you are more interested in the corporate space there is no better time than now to get a head start. Corporates are slowly waking up to the power of design.

Happy coding.